FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Walkthrough to score more

Q: What makes the Ones to Watch a special letter? 

A: One to Watch cards are a dynamic card, they can increase their stats automatically during the season. If you have an Ones to Watch in your club, your ratings will automatically adjust to the player’s best version when he gets a card: IF, MOTM, TOTT, hero or Record Breaker. The better the player does in real life, the better your One to Watch card in FIFA 18 Coin generator for Fut

Q: What is a dynamic card? 

A: One to Watch cards are dynamic cards. The ratings of this type of cards are updated automatically, whether they are in your Club or listed in the transferable market. 

Q: When are the Ones to Watch updated?

A: Articles are automatically updated when a player obtains a card: IF Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker 

Q: What happens if a player who is watching is transferred / ceded to a different club? 

A: The attributes of the promissory items and the valuations of the last IFs will not be affected. However, the OTW article will remain in the players’ previous team until it gets an article fit (IF) on the new team, and then it will be updated dynamically and its image will be updated. 

Q: What happens if a One to Watch changes nationality? 

A: The OTW will be updated with the new nationality, as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if an OTW player transfers / transfers to a club, not in FUT18? 

A: The OTW will remain in the club in which it was previously and will not receive any updates. The Ones to Watch will continue to carry the last rating it received. 

Q: What criteria has been followed to choose the OTW? 

A: The Promises are made up of a selection of the most promising and highest level players who have been transferred between clubs in the last transfer period last summer and who are under 30 years old. 

Q: How long will the promissory items continue to receive statistical improvements?

A: If you have a Promise item on your team, your valuation will be automatically updated to match that of the item in the form included in the Team of the Week until the end of the league season that the player plays with his team with free fifa 18 coins. Thereafter, the Promise article will maintain the last assessment of the article in the form it received in FUT17. 

Q: What happens if a fit player included in the Team of the Week is in a different position than the promising items? 

A: The position of the promissory items will not change. However, it will continue to receive new improvements from future articles in the form of EDLS.